February 28, 2020


Helpful Questions and Answers About Penta 900 – The Ultimate Mold Solution


Q: Does PENTA 900 have an odor?

A: PENTA 900 has a mild pleasant odor of peppermint.

Q: On what surfaces can PENTA 900 be used?

A: PENTA 900 is effective on both hard and semi-porous surfaces, including tile, stone, wood, drywall, cement, masonry, and most any surface. When concerned, always test on an inconspicuous area.

Q: Can I use PENTA 900 in the kitchen?

A: Yes. After applied and dry, no bleach, ammonia, alcohol or harmful chemicals are in this water based solution, making it appropriate for food-serving areas. Food use surfaces will need to be wiped down.

Q: Can I use PENTA 900 in the shower?

A: Yes. This solution for eliminating mold prevents mold in the shower. Repeated exposure to water however may require more frequent applications to further control the wet and damp areas.

Q: Can PENTA 900 clean mold from tile grout?

A: Using a stiff brush and re-application will work for most tile grout.

Q: Can I use PENTA 900 outside?

A: PENTA 900 will eliminate and prevent mold in most any environment. However repeated exposure to water means repeated treatments over time. Where there is constant exposure to water, you may need to reapply the product periodically to maintain any level of protection against mold growth.

Q: How often should I apply PENTA 900 to prevent mold growth?

A: Again, depending upon the repeated exposure to water, you may need to reapply the product periodically to maintain protection against mold growth.

Q: I sprayed PENTA 900 on the surface and let it dry, but the mold is still there. What do I do now?

A: You may need to manually remove excess dead mold and clean up with a damp cloth or brush using PENTA 900 to retain the microbial barrier created by the product. Take any cosmetic steps needed to cosmetically improve the surface. Once the cleaning is complete it’s important that a final layer of PENTA 900 THE Ultimate Mold Solution is applied to the surface to provide continued mold resistance.

Q: What techniques are recommended to apply PENTA 900?

A: The size of the area being treated will determine if you can apply the solution by: small spray bottle on targeted areas; brush or roller; pump sprayer; or airless spray gun (enclosed areas). In any case always use protective application measures as described on the label.

Q: PENTA 900 is a direct contact product, will interior surfaces need to be treated?

A: Yes, PENTA 900 will work only upon direct contact with affected surface. If mold is found inside or behind drywall, you will need to treat all of these areas with the solution. Treatment can include spraying with an airless spray gun.

Q: When will PENTA 900 be dry?

A: The time will depend upon how much solution was applied and the relative humidity of the area. Normally it drys in about 2 hours. If you are restoring paint on top of the PENTA 900 we recommend a minimum of 24 hours of drying time. When fogging an area, make sure to ventilate after application to accelerate drying once application is complete.

Q: Can PENTA 900 be mixed with water?

A: Although the product is delivered well above the needed concentration, it is not recommended that it be diluted.

Q: What type of sprayer should be used with PENTA 900?

A: A typical non-aerator type garden sprayer or an airless spray gun works well to cover large surfaces. It is  important to not create too fine of a mist as to not waste product from evaporation before reaching the surface. The application needs to be visibly “wet.” After spraying, you may wipe off excess to get an even coating of the solution.

Q: Can PENTA 900 be painted?

A: Yes. Most household paints work on treated surfaces. To paint a previously moldy surface, apply PENTA 900, let dry and then repaint after 24 hours. Remember to re-apply PENTA 900 to recreate the barrier formed by the product.

Q: What do I do if the surface is badly stained?

A: Sometimes mold has stained the surface and left visible marks. Be sure the solution is completely dry and mold has been eliminated before cosmetic treatments or re-caulking and or grouting. Once complete re-apply a final application of PENTA 900.

Q: When will PENTA 900 not work?

A: You will always need to deal with the cause of the water intrusion prior to any application for PENTA 900 to work.

Q: How do I use PENTA 900?

A: Simply place the solution into any water-based spraying device, saturate the affected area, and wait at least one hour. For non-porous and semi-porous surfaces, wipe clean and thoroughly dry the surface. For porous surfaces, wood and drywall, wipe the surface clean and allow it to completely dry out, apply a second coat, then wipe clean and dry out completely again.

Q: Does PENTA 900 conflict with IICRC S520 standards?

A: No, the use of PENTA 900 does not conflict with IICRC S520.

Q: Is PENTA 900 safe to touch or breathe/inhale?

A: PENTA 900 is vastly safer than its competition and contains no dyes, petroleum, bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol, or noxious fumes or chemicals. HOWEVER, it is an alkaline corrosive solution with a pH of 12.5. You should not touch it, inhale it or get it on your clothing. Protective eyewear and chemical-resistant gloves and clothing should be used when handling it, and you should wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling it. If contact occurs with eyes or skin, rinse immediately. If swallowed, call a poison control center or go to a doctor or hospital immediately.